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10:40 - 22 August 2006

People in the Bristol area are being urged to air their views on a blueprint setting out the planning and transport aims for the region. Consultation on the Draft Regional Spatial Strategy ends at 5pm on August 30.

The draft document, which was prepared by the South West Regional Assembly, sets out how to meet the future needs of the area.

Thousands of people have already submitted their responses.

Their comments will be taken into account at the public examination of the draft RSS, which is due to take place in spring 2007.

The document is designed to guide planners as part of District Local Development Frameworks, and help deliver the region's aims.

It will include a Regional Transport Strategy to guide investment in transport.

And it will provide policy guidance on issues ranging from mineral extraction and waste treatment to economic development and housing and health.

People who want to comment on the proposals can go to any main library, any local authority main office, the SWRA in Taunton or comment online at the website . Copies are also available from the SWRA Secretariat on 01823 270101 or at .

Comments should be sent to the panel secretary on a representation form, which can be obtained by calling 0117 900 1814 or by email at enquiries They can also be downloaded from www.southwesteip .

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