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Existing railway line

The railway line still exists from Bristol to Portishead, and has been refurbished for freight use at a cost of £21 million, but it is only open as far as Royal Portbury Docks. The remaining 3.25 miles need to be reinstated.  

Traffic congestion

The A369 is Portishead’s main access route to Bristol and to the M5.

A369 - photo by Ruth Moult

Large numbers of local residents travelling to work in Bristol and South Glocs use the very busy junction 19 on the M5, used also by traffic to and from the Royal Portbury Docks. Many more travel the other way into Portishead in the morning. Though the junction has been improved, even small accidents on the Avonmouth bridge can still cause major gridlock. The area around this junction is an air pollution hotspot. Some potential new employers are being put off moving to Portishead due to the transport problems.

Journey time

The bus times into Bristol are typically over an hour to the bus station. Of course, these can be much greater when there is any problem. The journey time to Temple Meads on the re-opened line with a stop at Pill would be just 23 minutes. Rail would be much less prone to problems than the roads.

Congestion charging

Congestion charging has been considered for Bristol. This would surely require attractive public transport alternatives to be provided. Reopening this railway is one of the most obvious and effective answers.


Government funding is needed, which has always been the biggest hurdle, and the Government needs to see that local councils and the local community are fully supportive. The revised cost of the Portishead line project is now £116.4 million, of which £69.5M is secured leaving a funding gap of £46.9M.

See Current Situation.

Greater Western Franchise

The current Franchise covering the railways in the region, which started on April 1 2006, has been extended to March 2020. The Portishead line is part of the requirements for a future franchise.

Carbon emissions

Railways are generally recognised as being a greener mode of transport resulting in lower carbon emissions. We can help to reduce Global Warming by making more use of rail as an alterative to car, bus and air transport. Trains are expected to remain the most carbon efficient mode of transport after cycling and walking.

Population increase

Portishead is one of the fastest growing towns in Europe, the population being expected to rise to 28,000 in coming years, an increase of over 350% from 1951 levels. The large number of new houses, office and light industrial operations is expected to add 2300 jobs to the existing local market. Most local businesses strongly support the reopening of the railway.


The journey down the Avon Gorge could become a big tourist attraction in itself. Occasional steam specials have been run down as far as the Portbury docks and are very popular. Portishead has long been a magnet for Bristol people attracted by the Lake Grounds and fine coastal views. The new Marina and the revitalised Open Air Pool are drawing even more visitors by road. How much better if they could arrive by train. Steamer services could be introduced from Portishead Pier to South Wales, the Holms, Minehead and Ilfracombe etc. In 2004, Thomas Cook the travel agents listed the Severn Beach line through the Gorge as one of the most scenic rail routes in Europe! See BBC web article. The Portishead branch would surely be even better! Tourist traffic could keep the line busy during off peak times.

Two-way traffic

The case for the railway doesn’t depend only on commuters heading for Bristol. Portishead is becoming a thriving regional shopping area with a traditional high street full of vibrant shops as well as new stores. Substantial numbers of people travel into Portishead by road to work in the shops and new office developments such as Kestrel Court and other business parks.

Rail Links

Bristol has good rail links with the rest of the network, and the Portishead line would enable residents to gain easy access to the rest of the country, and open up new opportunities for tourists.

Support from local MPs

Dr Liam Fox’s 2010 election literature said “It is disgraceful that we still don’t have the Portishead rail link that Liam has consistently campaigned for. Despite tremendous local support we have been badly let down.”

On 29 Jan 2005, Dr Liam Fox, MP, raised the question of the reopening of the Portishead to Bristol line in the House of Commons. He explained the transport problems in detail saying that we had “probably the most overcrowded cul-de-sac in Britain” and that 63% of Portishead’s adult population travelled out of town to work. See full text.

Corporate support

Local businesses and their employees support our campaign. We have received statements of corporate support from local businesses. More ...

A vision of the future

Click for a vision of the future. If you share our vision, would you like to help us?


The new MetroWest project includes re-opening of the Portishead line in Phase 1B.


Portishead Station

The location of Portishead station was decided in March 2015. See New Station page.

See also FAQs , Timescales and Current Situation.

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